TS Dillon's Creed

Date of Birth:
Dillon's Creed was 83.75" TTT when he died from an accident on 8/28/21. He was 4 years and 9 months old when he died. All his calves were pasture bred. Dillon's Creed is sired by 84.50" TTT Dillon, who is a son of 88"+ TTT Top Caliber and the awesome 100" TTT and 112.25"+ TH, RM Miss Kitty. His dam is a daughter sired by 86.50" TTT Helm's Ace, and out of a daughter of 88"+ TTT Top Caliber. Throw in 89.25" TTT, Wiregrass Laura, one of the top females in the breed and Lamb's Temptation and you have a pedigree for success. The legendary Delta Diamond is in the pedigree 8 times! Top Caliber on top and bottom. All of Dillon's future offspring are Millennium Futurity eligible.
Owner Name:
Terry and Sherri Adcock
Terry and Sherri Adcock
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TS Dillon's Creed